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How much will an auto accident attorney charge to represent me?

Posted by B. Patrick AgnewMar 10, 20200 Comments

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What exactly is a contingency fee?

If we agree to represent you on a contingency fee basis that means that if we do not obtain a settlement or verdict for you we will not be paid an attorney's fee. Most of the injury cases we handle are on a contingency fee arrangement. Let's face it, most people simply do not have the ability or would prefer not to pay an hourly rate and instead are better off waiting until the case is resolved before paying an attorney.

Additionally, most individuals like the idea of not having to pay the attorney if a settlement or verdict is not obtained. Despite what many people think, all attorneys do not charge the same fees in injury cases. Our charge depends on the type of case, and the facts and circumstances involved in the case.

Our fees generally range from 25% to 33-1/3%. The fee will often depend on the complexity of the case and the time we estimate that we will have to spend working on the case. Additionally, we do handle some cases on an hourly basis. The hourly rate depends on the facts, circumstances, and complexity of the individual case. In those situations, a retainer may apply.

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