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Posted by B. Patrick AgnewMar 10, 20200 Comments

Welcome to The Law Office of B. Patrick Agnew PLLC!

Thank you for visiting our Hampton Roads Injury & Disability page! Its possible you landed on this page because you were involved in a work related accident, auto accident or need help with a Social Security disability claim.  Over the years we have handled injury and disability cases for many residents in the Hampton Roads area. We have currently service clients from every corner of the area from Virginia Beach to Chesapeake to Norfolk to Portsmouth all the way to the peninsula.  Our law firm has a narrow focus:  Injury and disability cases.  While our focus is narrow, our experience is broad.

While we practice injury and disability law throughout the state of Virginia, including the Hampton Roads area, our firm started in Lynchburg, Virginia and our main office and staff work in Lynchburg.  As you can see, we maintain a satellite office in Chesapeake so that we can meet with our clients when necessary.  In addition, if our firm is unable to assist you, we have established relationships with several lawyers in the area who we can refer you to for help.  Whether or not we represent you or another lawyer that we refer you to represents you, we stand ready to help.  Our attorneys have successfully represented 1000's of clients for injuries and disabilities across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Whether you need help with an auto accident case, Social Security Disability claim or workers compensation claim, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

Hampton Roads is a diverse and bustling community that is comprised of several cities.  Among other qualities, Virginia Beach is a well-known destination for vacationers, Norfolk has a bustling downtown and international airport, Newport News is well known for its shipping industry.  Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Hampton are home to many businesses, colleges, churches, and other civic organizations.  The area boasts a huge population and is a source for a broad and diverse workforce. The area continues to grow and is increasingly becoming a destination for new businesses, industry, and technology.  As with any developed urban area, the need for legal services, including services for those who are injured and disabled has increased as well.  We are happy to be part of the Hampton Roads community and to assist injured and disabled individuals who need legal help.

Our contact information is conveniently located below along with some additional information about our practice areas.

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Work Injuries 

We consistently receive calls from people who need help with work-related injuries.  In many cases, Injured workers face significant challenges when they pursue wage loss and medical benefits after a workplace injury in Virginia. Since the Hampton Roads area is surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, many workers are employed in the Maritime shipping industry.  The injured worker must determine whether they should file a claim or lawsuit under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act, Jones Act, Longshore Act or some other law.  Many, if not most, claims will arise under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act.  Virginia Workers Compensation law was originally set up to allow quick resolution of claims so that injured workers can receive relief quickly. While some cases move through the system without a problem, many cases get stuck in the process because the claim is denied by the insurance company or employer. Other injured workers will need to decide whether they should file a claim under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act or under the Jones Act.  Determining which law to file a claim under can be a complex undertaking.

That is where we come in. Don't hesitate to contact us. B. Patrick Agnew and Eric Johnson both handle work injury cases.  While he is no longer in the active practice of law with our firm, Gorman Rosenberger assists Eric and Patrick with day to day and complex issues to come up in cases.  We have a strong history representing injured workers, a wealth of helpful relationships and a strong desire to advocate for our injured workers.

Automobile Accidents

Our process is different than other firms. Patrick is involved directly with our clients about important developments from the time of the first call for help until the trial or settlement is concluded.  Auto Accidents are a common occurrence, particularly with the increase in population and increasing roadway distractions (cell phones!).  Some accidents cause little or no injury and are fairly simple to resolve. Your case may be different.  If you were involved in an accident and have received medical treatment because of the accident we recommend discussing the accident, the treatment and the cost of your medical care with a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

Social Security Disability Claims

Working until the typical age of retirement age (65) is simply not possible for many people. Sometimes, that is because of an work-related or auto of accident that has left the worker with permanent work disability. Other times, workers, because of their hard work are simply worn out physically and have pain and symptoms that cause them not to be able to do the work that they once performed.  Whatever the cause, many workers are entitled to receive disability payments through Social Security Disability.  Some of those claims are approved quickly.  Other times, the Social Security Administration denies what are in reality valid claims. When a case is denied, the appeal and hearing process can be complex.

If a hearing is necessary, disabled claimant's must wait until the assigned "ODAR" office schedules the hearing.  Claims in the Hampton Roads area typically heard at the Norfolk ODAR.  As of this writing, it is estimated that it will take 435 days to have a hearing scheduled from the time that the hearing is requested.  The judges that hear cases in Norfolk are selective in the cases that they chose to approve.  Recent data reveals that Norfolk ODAR judges approve approximately 46% of the cases that come before them. While this data changes daily, the fact remains that it can be challenging to Social Security Disability benefits approved in Norfolk.  Many disabled individuals chose to have an attorney help them prepare for the hearing and present the case to the ALJ which can increase the chances of being approved.  In addition, while an attorney cannot speed up the time it takes for a hearing to be scheduled, many attorneys will try to win benefits "on the record" after a hearing is requested without a hearing. We have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of Social Security Disability, claims through the years because of improper denials by the Social Security Administration.

It is common practice for our firm to walk through the complex appeal and hearing process with clients. We have a strong record of success.  If you need help with a denied Social Security Disability case, call us. We are happy to help.

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